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For Patients

Can I participate in LOCOMOTION?

For most work packages we are only able to recruit people if they have been referred to one of the clinical sites involved in the study (listed here).

However, people without Long COVID can also support our research, by participating in 'aAP Study for Healthy Volunteers' and/or 'Prevalence study of Orthostatic Intolerance on standing in 'healthy' volunteers' work packages.

Find out more about what participating in the study involves by viewing our Brief Guide.

What is Long COVID (LC)?

Following infection with coronavirus, some people experience a variety of health issues. These can be life-changing and distressing for the individuals themselves and their families and friends. Most people recover within 4 weeks of infection, but for some, symptoms can last longer, or new ones can develop. It does not matter whether you have had a severe or mild illness, Long COVID (LC) can affect anyone.

Healthcare professionals may refer to LC as 'ongoing symptomatic COVID-19' (4 to 12 weeks) or sometimes 'post-COVID-19 syndrome' (over 12 weeks).

The LOCOMOTION study is centred entirely around patients living with the effects of LC, and their family and friends who are also affected by the illness of a loved one. Click here for more information on the LOCOMOTION study and what it aims to achieve.

In the video below, Clare (Patient Advisory Group Co-Lead) discusses some of her LC symptoms and how they have impacted her daily life.

Resources for Patients

There are numerous resources available for patients living with the effects of LC, and their families and friends. The resource links below have been complied using feedback from our Patient Advisory Group members on what they have found useful:

  • WHO Leaflet - Support for rehabilitation: self-management after COVID-19-related illness. - A World Health Organisation (WHO) leaflet providing support and advice for adults who are recovering from COVID-19.
  • 'Long COVID Support' resources. - Long COVID Support is a registered charity in England and Wales, formed by a group of people struggling to recover from COVID-19. Their resources include information on symptom management, support groups, work, benefits, and finances.
  • 'Long COVID Physio' resources. - Long COVID Physio is an international peer support, education, and advocacy, patient-led association of Physiotherapists living with LC and allies. Their resources include information on rehabilitation, pacing, exercise, fatigue, and more!
  • 'Long COVID Work' resources. - Long COVID Work is a core vocational rehabilitation, education, and training group of people living with LC with relevant professional experience. Their resources include information for employees such as GP fit notes, extended sick leave, extended phased returns, and reasonable adjustments. It also includes guidance on benefits and guidance for employers.

Icon representing resources available for patients.

Outputs from the LOCOMOTION study also provide useful information for patients and the public. These outputs include Scientific Publications and Scientific Presentations.