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Scientific Presentations

As results emerge from the LOCOMOTION study, members of the study team present findings through scientific presentations, conference talks, and posters. The aim of these are to share learning and results with colleagues in the relevant field of work. The following presentations have taken place so far, and more will be added as results from the LOCOMOTION study continue to emerge as the study progresses:

Icon of a person conducting a scientific presentation

Long COVID Specific vocational rehabilitation. Phase 1: Scoping and Development – OT Show Poster Presentation (November 2022)

The LOCOMOTION workstream 1.4 ‘Vocational Rehabilitation’ team (Prof Rory O’Connor, Amy Parkin, Sareeta Baley, Annette Rolls) created a poster for the Occupational Therapy (OT) Show 2022, which was presented by at the event by Sareeta and Annette.


The poster showed the current themes that have emerged through using thematic analysis. This was demonstrated visually through the Person-Environment-Occupation (PEO) model. The PEO showed the facilitators and barriers of returning to work or maintaining a job. The themes shown were from patients, health care professionals, and employers. Annette and Sareeta pointed out that the Patient Advisory Group involvement was crucial through all stages of the process and was clearly shown on the poster. They discussed with the audience current findings and the ultimate aim of piloting a vocational rehab programme. As well as developing resources in collaboration with Long COVID clinics.

The 1.4 team aim to present findings and outcomes throughout 2023. By attending conferences including RCOT 2023 and the OT Show 2023.