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LOCOMOTION August 2023 Newsletter


LOCOMOTION study recruitment reached 2,544 participants in August 2023! New LOCOMOTION Publication: Workstream (WS) 2.1 of the LOCOMOTION study have published their protocol paper - Digital home monitoring for capturing daily fluctuation of symptoms; a longitudinal repeated measures study. WS2.1 is aiming to develop and examine the feasibility and usability of digital home monitoring for...

Acrocyanosis ('blue legs') in Long COVID


Our Chief Investigator (Dr Manoj Sivan) authored an article recently published in The Lancet - 'Venous insufficiency and acrocyanosis in long COVID: dysautonomia' The article details the case of a man with Long COVID who upon standing experiences a rapid purple/blue discolouration of his legs (acrocyanosis), which progressively feel heavy, tingly, itchy, and become dusky...

Prevalence study of Orthostatic Intolerance on standing in 'healthy' volunteers


We're seeking people without Long COVID to participate in our study Some people with Long COVID (pwLC) have Orthostatic Intolerance (OI), a type of autonomic dysfunction in which people experience symptoms (such as dizziness, blurred visions, and palpitations) when they stand up, that are associated with a fast heart rate (HR) and/or a drop in...

Patient and Public Involvement in LOCOMOTION


Our Patient Advisory Group (PAG) created the content for the animation video below. It outlines: What Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research is and why it is important. How PPI is integrated in LOCOMOTION through our PAG and a Patient Advisory Network. The activities of the PAG and what this involvement helps achieve. Visit...

Digital Interactive PROMs for Long Term Conditions


Dr Manoj Sivan (LOCOMOTION Chief Investigator) and Román Rocha Lawrence (Director of Research and Development at ELAROS), along with a Long COVID patient, have written an opinion piece on digital interactive Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for long term conditions. Sivan M, Rocha Lawrence R, Francis E. Digital interactive patient reported outcome measures for long...

Digital home-monitoring of Long COVID symptoms study protocol


Mansoubi M, Dawes J, Bhatia A, Vashisht H, Collett J, Greenwood D, Ezekiel L, O’Connor D, Leveridge P, Rayner C, Read F, Sivan M, Tucker-Bell I, Ward T, Delaney B, Muehlhausen W, Dawes H, LOCOMOTION Consortium. Digital home monitoring for capturing daily fluctuation of symptoms; a longitudinal repeated measures study: Long Covid Multi-disciplinary Consortium to Optimise Treatments...

LOCOMOTION July 2023 Newsletter


LOCOMOTION study recruitment reached 2,476 participants in July 2023! Work Package (WP) Updates: WP1.1 (Quality Improvement Collaborative) - Following on from the publication of our BMJ practice pointer on Orthostatic tachycardia after covid-19, our NHS sites have been using the NASA Lean Test to test the prevalence of tachycardia on standing in Long COVID (LC) patients. Our...

Digital PROMs platform for Long COVID


The innovative C19-YRS platform, developed by the University of Leeds and ELAROS 24/7 Digital company, is currently used by more than 30 NHS Trusts and used as the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) platform in the LOCOMOTION study. In the videos below Dr Manoj Sivan, Prof Paul O'Brien, and Román Rocha Lawrence reflect on the...

Patient Advisory Group Video


In June we had an 'away day' for the whole LOCOMOTION team to meet together in a hybrid format. Work package teams presented findings from their research to date and we had workshops to discuss the the future of Long COVID services and work over the final six months of the study. Our Patient Advisory...

LOCOMOTION June 2023 Newsletter


LOCOMOTION study recruitment reached 2,380 participants in June 2023! Successful LOCOMOTION Conference / Away Day: In June we had a hybrid conference/'away day' for all members of the LOCOMOTION team. It was an opportunity for work package (WP) teams to present some of their current findings to the wider study team. We also hosted workshops...