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Is Long Covid a Functional Disorder? - Editorial


Dr Anton Pick is the LOCOMOTION Principal Investigator at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust clinical site. He has written an editorial piece titled 'Is Long Covid a Functional Disorder?'. Which has been published in the Advances in Rehabilitation Science and Practice journal. Pick A. Is Long Covid a Functional Disorder? Advances in Rehabilitation Science...

LOCOMOTION December 2022 Newsletter


Recruitment to the LOCOMOTION Long COVID study reached 1713 in December! Recruitment has slowed in the last few months, but we hope recruitment will be boosted by some changes. These include, the addition of Workstream (WS) 2.3, NHS Highland joining as a site, and new recruitment methods for WS2.1. Also, more sites are using the...

LOCOMOTION November 2022 Newsletter


Recruitment to the LOCOMOTION Long COVID study reached 1629 in November! Workstream (WS) Updates and Upcoming Work: WS1.1 - The Patient Advisory Group conducted an audit of the Long COVID clinics. Results of this were discussed at a follow-up workshop. The results of this audit relate to WS1.1 work. WS1.4 - Presented a ‘LC Vocational Rehab...

Long COVID Specific Vocational Rehab Poster Presentation (Nov 2022)


Long COVID Specific vocational rehabilitation. Phase 1: Scoping and Development – OT Show Poster Presentation (November 2022) The LOCOMOTION workstream 1.4 ‘Vocational Rehabilitation’ team (Prof Rory O’Connor, Amy Parkin, Sareeta Baley, Annette Rolls) created a poster for the Occupational Therapy Show 2022, which was presented by at the event by Sareeta and Annette. The poster...

New LOCOMOTION Task Added - aAP Study for Healthy Volunteers


A new LOCOMOTION work task is seeking healthy volunteers to participate A Leeds research team led by Dr Sivan is collecting data from healthy volunteers on a special test called the ‘adapted Autonomic Profile’ (aAP), to understand what constitutes normal values for this test, which will help define abnormal value cut-offs for patients with Long...

LOCOMOTION October 2022 Newsletter


Recruitment to the LOCOMOTION study reached 1437 in October! Workstream (WS) Updates and Upcoming Work: WS 1.1 - Quality Improvement Collaborative (QIC) on Vocational Rehab took place in October. A patient-focused workshop is scheduled for November to prioritise and plan the work in year 2 of the study. WS 2.1 - An amendment has been submitted...

LOCOMOTION Receives CAG Support


The LOCOMOTION study submitted a research application to the Health Research Authority (HRA) to process confidential patient information without consent. The Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) is an independent body that protects and advises on the use of confidential patient data. They review applications submitted under the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002. Providing...

LOCOMOTION Lead NHS Site Named Award Finalists


Congratulations to the Leeds Long COVID Community Rehabilitation Service! Their Long COVID (LC) holistic virtual rehabilitation programme has been selected as a finalist at the Medipex Awards for the ‘Improved treatments, therapies and rehabilitation’ award. With further learning about symptomology and presentation of LC, one holistic programme encompassing all the main symptoms was created. This is...

LOCOMOTION September 2022 Newsletter


Recruitment to the LOCOMOTION study reached 1288 in September! Updates and upcoming work from LOCOMOTION workstreams (WSs): WS 1.1 - Quality Improvement Collaboratives (QICs) have taken place on Fatigue and Inequalities. QICs involve Healthcare Professionals from the participating NHS clinics coming together to engage in a 6-weekly cycle of facilitated meetings in which they; identify topics,...

ELAROS win 'Collaboration with Industry' Award


The collaboration between ELAROS 24/7 Limited and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust won an Innovate Award in the category Outstanding Collaboration with Industry, in the new awards from the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) and NHS Confederation. Presented at an award ceremony attended by almost 400 NHS leaders, innovators and partners. ELAROS are one of...