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Research Impact

Research impact from the LOCOMOTION study publications can be measured and evidenced in multiple ways. This includes publication metrics such as the number of citations, downloads, news mentions, and social media activity. Influence on national Long COVID policies and guidance is another example of research impact from the study.

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Publication Metrics

Publication metrics for LOCOMOTION publications are shown below. Learn more about the interpretation and use of publication metrics from the University of Leeds Research Metrics page.

Psychometric analysis of the modified COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRSm) in a prospective multicentre study (Publication Link)

Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Long COVID: A Mixed Method Systematic Review (Publication Link)

What is quality in long covid care? Lessons from a national quality improvement collaborative and multi-site ethnography (Publication Link)

Long Covid Clinical Severity Types Based on Symptoms and Functional Disability: A Longitudinal Evaluation. (Publication Link)

Prevalence of orthostatic intolerance in long covid clinic patients and healthy volunteers: A multicenter study. (Publication Link)

Cognitive dysfunction after covid-19. (Publication Link)

Impact of Long COVID on productivity and informal caregiving. (Publication Link)

Digital home monitoring for capturing daily fluctuation of symptoms; a longitudinal repeated measures study: Long Covid Multi-disciplinary Consortium to Optimise Treatments and Services across the NHS (a LOCOMOTION study). (Publication Link)

Breathing Difficulties after Covid-19: A Guide for Primary Care. (Publication Link)

Orthostatic tachycardia after covid-19. (Publication Link)

Towards evidence-based and inclusive models of peer support for long covid: A hermeneutic systematic review. (Publication Link)

Long covid - an update for primary care. (Publication Link)

LOng COvid Multidisciplinary consortium Optimising Treatments and servIces acrOss the NHS (LOCOMOTION): protocol for a mixed-methods study in the UK. (Publication Link)

Are vaccines a potential treatment for long covid? (Publication Link)

Influence on Long COVID Policy

As publications from the LOCOMOTION study are generated, we anticipate they have an influence on the Long COVID national policies and guidance that are written. Details of this impact will be added here when they are available.

Influence on Long COVID Practice

Addressing inequalities in access to Long COVID services: Our inequalities research (work package 1.3) identified that the reliance on GP referral has a disproportionate impact on those experiencing economic deprivation, as well as for those concerned with prejudice and discrimination. These concerns were fed into policy development meetings with local city council, and they are currently trialling other options for community-based referral systems such as through the voluntary and community sector, to help address to inequalities in access to Long COVID services.

Influence on other Long COVID Research

Thai C19-YRS: The C19-YRS is an assessment to record Long COVID patients' symptoms, functioning, and disability, that was developed by members of the LOCOMOTION study team and is being further validated through the study. The C19-YRS has recently been translated into a Thai language version. Research has shown that it has acceptable validity and reliability for the evaluation and testing of the psychometric variables, and screening the symptoms and severity of Long COVID, in a Thai community population. Click here to read the research paper.

Further Information

Other examples of impact from the LOCOMOTION study can be found on the Clinician and Patient Feedback page. In addition to the scientific publications mentioned on this page, there are more LOCOMOTION publications, these can be found on our Scientific Publications page.