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In addition to scientific publications and webinars, another output of our study are resource documents.

LOCOMOTION Vocational Rehabilitation Roadmap

Vocational rehabilitation roadmap developed specifically for people with Long COVID, to guide a clinician through the process of identifying and helping someone to overcome some of the various work-related obstacles caused by Long Covid symptoms and/or the workplace. Touchpoints outlined are:

  • Information gathering phases
  • Work preparation phases
  • Return to work planning
  • Work role retention
  • Role redirection - If return to previous role is not possible

Long COVID - Managing Cognitive Changes


  • What is cognitive dysfunction/brain fog?
  • What causes cognitive problems after Covid-19?
  • Practical strategies from the ‘compensatory approach’
    • Prioritisation
    • Planning
    • Pacing
  • Practical strategies from the ‘remedial approach’
  • Helpful Services and Resources

An easy-read version of this document is also available - Click here to access it.