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BMJ Practice Pointer: Long COVID - an update for primary care


Publication Reference: Greenhalgh T, Sivan M, Delaney B, Evans R, Milne R. Long covid – an update for primary care. BMJ 2022;378:e072117. doi: 10.1136/bmj-2022-072117 (PDF)

This Practice Pointer, Long covid – an update for primary care, in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) provides an update on treating Long COVID in primary care and outlines how healthcare professionals might respond to questions that patients ask about the condition.

The article provides information on:

  • Definition of Long COVID
  • Epidemiology
  • Symptoms and case definition
  • Questions patients ask
  • Further resources for patients and healthcare professionals
  • A 'Guide for Primary Care' infographic (see below)

The Practice Pointer has already been getting really good feedback from patients who have seen it, with comments how of "fantastic" and "excellent" the information is. It has been well received by patients and is already making a difference.

Feedback provided by one patient was – "It definitely made my Doctor listen and willing to investigate. I told her I feel fobbed off and gaslit ever since I've had this condition and it's time they did something about it. I said I had a document from the BMJ and will bring it as they should be following these guidelines. At this point she seemed to listen. This will be the first time a doctor has actually seen me face to face since the pandemic began. It's a really helpful chart and I think this will be my gateway to get the relevant checks I need."

Another patient’s feedback was – "I will be using this and need it so much! Thanks all."

There was a patient co-author from the study’s Patient Advisory Group on this publication, which is the case for all LOCOMOTION publications in line with our publications charter.

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