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LOCOMOTION Webinar: Assessments in a Long COVID Clinic


LOCOMOTION is hosting a series of free public webinars to share the findings from our study and give people the opportunity to ask questions about the research and results.

The first webinar in this series, chaired by Prof Manoj Sivan and Dr Clare Rayner, took place on 20th February 2024 and focussed on Assessments in a Long COVID Clinic. It had 207 attendees from across 8 countries! These attendees included 108 healthcare professionals working in the area of Long COVID, 64 people with Long COVID, and 10 people with Long COVID who are healthcare professionals.

Below is recording of the event, along with more information about the presentations, and links to the presentation slides and the pre-print publications associated with them. You will also find a link to a document containing questions from attendees and answers provided to these from members of our panel.

Presentation 1: NASA Lean Test. Cassie Lee and Nikki Smith presented 'Assessing the prevalence of orthostatic intolerance in Long COVID clinic patients':

Icon showing blood pressure and heart rate, which are recorded as part of the aAP study

Presentation 2: Long COVID Patient Reported Outcome Measure. Dr Adam Smith and Darren Winch presented 'Psychometric analysis of the Modified Covid-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale (C19-YRSm) in a prospective multicentre study':

Question and Answer

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions to the researchers about their study findings, through a question and answer feature. Due to the volume of questions these could not all be answered during the webinar, but all questions have now been answered and the full list is available in the link below.

Webinar Questions and Answers

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